Sandy’s Text: Hit by an Unexpected Wave (softly edited)

After morning Continuum


Frequency, vibrations, sounds, cells, emotions. It is still fascinating to see how our material, body material is so mutable. How one vibration can change the sensation of the body.

Like the meeting between two persons has always been interesting to me.

It is a matter of the frequency in which they meet. At times there is connection, flow and communication; and other times can be so awkward.

Like two strangers.

The same is true inside the body. At times being so connected and at times alienated.

After all it is so clear to me that everything has to do with the waves; and the most interesting question is: Can I change the wave?

In my morning experience and other somatic experiences it is obvious that there is nothing that is fixed. Nothing that the “I” can fix. It’s an opening only to if you let the cells vibrate and let the puzzle change form by itself. And keep letting it change the form. The only thing you can choose is where and to which environment you expose your body.

Frequencies are everywhere. Each building, each place, each person

are being carried through frequencies.

The key in my experience is the breath. One of the keys at least. The key to tune again all the cells of the body in a harmonic dance.

So what I see and experience here is a constant play between chaos and harmony.

With never ending changing form – trans-form.

From the cellular level to the social level to the environmental level.

From micro cell to universe and vice versa.

From today’s experience it is fascinating to me that the biggest effects that I sensed from the sounds were the ones with less loud sounds. And here a question:

Do the loudest sounds also produce the most intense frequency?

How does someone count frequency and vibration?

And back again to an unexpected meeting I had before.

How is it possible that two persons with such a connection can become such a strangers within a split second?

How long does it take for two people to tune their frequencies so there can be co-existence? And how long does it last?

A constant play between riding the waves and defining the waves.